Mirjam Iseger

My name is Mirjam Iseger, born on April 16, 1966.

After following various courses and working in a variety of jobs in health care, I came to the conclusion that a personal approach to patient care was missing in the sector. This is one of my main personal drivers, but unfortunately, I couldn’t see it in the general healthcare environment.

My father had a private practice "practice Gouweleeuw " for 30 years.

The Vega test was one of the major breakthroughs in alternative medicine in the Netherlands and was already widely used in other countries. The German Vega test inventor, Dr. Schimmel was a former classmate of my father and introduced the test to him in 1985. To ensure that the Vega test was a reliable test method, my father carried out a 6-month trial on his patients treating them with the Vega-test in conjunction with iridology. After this trial period, he was so excited by the results and the potential of the test, he decided to continue work at his Practice solely with the Vega test.

Unfortunately, my father became ill in 1998. A malignant form of Cancer. His predicted life expectancy was only 3 months! Not being someone to lie down and give up, he was able to enjoy a further four years of life together with his loved ones with both regular and alternative treatment.

The question that preoccupied him during the four years of his illness was: "Who will now continue my work?" He eventually asked me if I wanted to consider taking it over. Many conversations followed. As critical and perfectionistic as he was, I finally managed to convince him that I could continue his work, on the condition that I followed a comprehensive education. For me, this was an honour. The introducer of the Vega test in the Netherlands had chosen me to continue his life work.

After a thorough education and a training period thereafter, I started my own Practice in 2000. Over the years, together with my son, I have extended treatments at the Practice with APS therapy, Thai Massage techniques and counselling sessions to and help our patients enjoy a better quality of life!

Finally, I had realised one of my most important drivers for working in healthcare:

The personal attention to the patient and helping improve their quality of life!

The satisfaction and the positive energy that it gives is immense. All spontaneous acknowledgments that I have received are of great value to me and an incentive to continue.

Mirjam Iseger