Joey van Rooijen

My name is Joey.

I am one of the treating therapists Practice Iseger. I work to help people together with Mirjam.

I’m regularly asked how I got into this profession. After finishing high school, I had to choose a college and professional direction, but had absolutely no idea where my interests or passion lay. What I did know was that I wanted to do something manual. I’ve always been interested in sports and repairing parts on my motorbike, helping friends and family with manual work…In short I wanted to do something where I would be using my hands and not sitting down all day.

Once I finished school in the summer of 2008, I was allowed to help in the practice during the summer holidays. I thought it would be interesting to find out what my mother did, exactly. Having done that, my interest in the profession had grown so much that I seriously wanted to have the chance to become a therapist myself.

Mirjam was quite sceptical about the idea, but I eventually managed to convince her that I really enjoyed the work and she was prepared to give me a fair chance.

One of the reasons for my decision was also due to my grandfather. A man I had always greatly respected. My grandfather started this extraordinary profession in our family and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I first went to study the basics of medicine and then followed specific courses. After several years of studying hard, I was finally in uniform, working in the Practice’s treatment room.

After working for some time in practice, and treating a number of clients, my interest and motivation only strengthened more. I saw how this work brings so much gratification. People with perpetual pain and complaints were able to do things again that they thought would never be possible – writing, walking; they had renewed energy and their lust for life was restored.

I’m still open for a fun technical project or a new sporting challenge, but my primary career will always be as a therapist. There is so much to be gained from helping people from every walk of life and that’s my greatest satisfaction. This is what I love doing, helping to help people!